The Æroray is a descendant of the manta ray that can fly.


Ærorays are the gentle giants of the sky. These manta ray descendants can range from 1.5 to an astounding 5 metres from wingtip to wingtip, rivalling Quetzalcoatlis as the king of the skies! They drift around in the future sky and eat "aeroplankton," airborne insects and plant seeds. They never touch the ground and give live birth to babies that can fly from birth. However, there is a dark side - when infected with fungal spores, these peaceful drifters are slowly biologically and mentally altered until, after two weeks of mutation, they become violent and provocative predators. The idea is for them to be eaten by larger airborne predators who will spread the fungal spores in their droppings, but Ærorays are actually highly accomplished and deadly predators and the larger infected ones an easily take on an unarmed human.

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