Megalania prisca


Becker and team fight thylacoleo and megalania.


Six months after the We the convergence. We are in a park. A man in his car just on the phone. The wife says that only three in the morning you can get home and lay straight after her lover is calling. Then a stranger attacked him and finish him off. The ARC team goes to the site. Connor identify the predator. Becker set out to find him. Suddenly, from Becker. Are beginning to chase the predator, which terrified of whether the soldier shot him. Abby is a stunning creature, after the one ARC commando attacked. Meanwhile, a woman discovers that devastated much of the garden of the animal. Hissing sound.

Return to the ARC Center.
Jaime Chirinos Thylacoleo

Connor and Becker's just go home when the call comes. London A landfill is a huge lizard in sight. Connor as megalánia identify the creature. And as it turned out, she could see. Point is when the marsupial lion appeared. It turns out that there are two anomalies appeared in the same era, which led to the Pleistocene in Australia goes to the ARC. Becker found a huge nest mound. The Megalania the nest to protect, but Abby is stunning. The creature and the ARC brats "are at the zoo instead of rational

When a mysterious figure appears in a painting on the wall of the ARC Centre: Sword of Damocles falls. I've seen.





In this episode appeared first in Australian creature

Matt Anderson does not appear in this episode. Africa is.

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