Future rat

Future Rat

The episode of Becker, Abby and Connor are going into the future. Lester Damoclesről more secrets from the sheds.


In the future Snake kills a sewer cleaning Becker and Connor returned from another mission, where a Calyctoheriumot brought back to his own age, but Lester sends them to explore the mysterious tunnel in the water loss. Abby Becker and go down the drain, where workers find the cap.

Mutant Cobra

Future Snake

Abby falls into the water in the heat of combat. Becker and Connor rush to the rescue.

Meanwhile, Lester finds the graffiti on the wall of the Centre. Abby's future is a jungle escape jungle predators living in the future, but a future in rat rescues. Connor and Becker anomaly over the side of the clashes of the future snake, when Abby discovers that the eggs are loaded rats future. Abby chased into the future rat, in with Connor and Becker, who were chasing the snake future. A clash of two predators. Becker, meanwhile, pass through the anomaly, the three future kicselezve Predator.

While Lester reveals that Damocles, a Greek historian who was a shrew against
Article-1234922-078BD57D000005DC-126 233x461

Victor Bremmen

Lester discovers that a Greek vase pteranodons al fencing battle with soldiers, next to discover that there is a Damocles, a company that deals with teleportation. The leader Victor Bremmen.


Future rat SD

Future Snake

Future predator




Future herbivore

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