A Sailed Backed Terror is the first episode the of 1st season the U.S. Remake of Primeval.

A Sailed Back Terror

Episode Information


Series 1

Episode 1 -


New York City, Forest Preserve, Home Office, McDonalds, New York University -


Dimetrodon, Edaphosaurus, Coelurosauravus -

Original Broadcast

March 16th 2013 -

Next Episode

The Feathery Menace

Summary Edit

Evolutionary Zoologist Nick Cutter and his daughter Amanda investigate a series of strange animal attacks and soon find themselves confronted by a pack of animals believed to have being extinct for millions of years. Needing help they enlist a team of government agents to find how a pack of extinct animals are alive and going on a rampage in the 21st century.

Plot Edit

In 1986 at an empty car park at McDonalds late at night a pack of sailed backed dinosaur like beasts emerge from the forest chasing a woman. The woman hides within a dustbin as the pack pass by, however one of them sniffs her out and alerts the pack. The quickly jumps out of the dustbin and runs into the McDonalds restaurant

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