That's no Sarcosuchus. That's an Aegisuchus. Twice as big, twice as fast, and twice as vicious...

- Connor Temple

Oh, boy. Lester's not going to be too happy when he finds out we've brought home another pet...

- Matt Anderson

Aegisuchus was a Cretaceous-era Crocodilian, and the largest terrestrial predator that we know of, reaching lengths of more than 72 feet.



colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  800pxAegisuchusResurrected
Abby tosses a lungfish to the Aegisuchus in the Menagerie

Creature Type

Crocodilian -

Home Era

Middle Cretaceous -


Carnivore -

Deaths Caused

1 swimmer and his dog -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 1.10 Primeval Resurrected Episode 2.1

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

Episode 1.10Edit

When an anomaly opens in a reservoir, an Aegisuchus comes through and kills a swimmer and his dog. When the ARC team arrives, Abby initially mistakes it for a Sarcosuchus, but Connor corrects her by saying it is an Aegisuchus. Matt and Emily attempt to shoot it with their EMDs, but the croc's armoured back simply absorbs the shots, leaving it unharmed. Just then the anomaly closes, much to Matt's dismay. He then says they're going to have to find a way to expose the croc's unarmoured belly, so they can shoot it there and carry it safely back to the Menagerie. Connor suggests that they try to make the croc leap from the water, so they can shoot it in the brief second when it's belly is exposed to the air. Abby shoots randomly into the water several times, attracting the Aegisuchus's attention. Just as it leaps from the water to attack her, Emily shoots the underside of its neck, knocking it out. Due to its dangerous nature, the croc is then put in an extra high-security enclosure in the Menagerie to decrease the likelihood of a breakout. The enclosure contains a small island with several plastic trees on it to replicate the croc's natural habitat, and a large heat lamp hangs above the island for the Aegisuchus to bask under. The island is surrounded by a moat of murky water for the animal to swim in. 

Episode 2.1Edit

Abby is briefly seen tossing lungfish to the Aegisuchus in the Menagerie before visiting Rex and the Columbian Mammoth (see picture).


  • Aegisuchus is the first crocodilian seen in Primeval Resurrected, and the second largest predatory creature yet seen in the franchise, right behind the Pliosaurs from Primeval episode 5.2.
  • It is the fourth crocodilian in the franchise after Pristichampus(Series 3),Deinosuchus( Fire and Water), and Kaprosuchus(Series 4 and 5).
  • It is also the first creature to kill a dog.

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