Scientific name Aerosteon
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod
Deaths caused 4
Appearances *Episode 1.9 *Episode 1.10

Aerosteon appears in Primeval Continued.


Aerosteon was a large theropod from Argentina. It was the first large theropod discovered with bird-like air sacks.


Episode 1.9Edit

The Aerosteon's feet are briefly seen as it runs out of the wherehouse.

Episode 1.10Edit

The Aerosteon rampages and kills two people. Patrick shoots at it to try and drive it in the direction of the ARC Team but the creature kills and eats him. It also kills an ARC soldier just as Lester arrives. Connor and Abby try to shoot at it whenever it turns toward them. The rest of the team and Lester try to find a weak spot. Jess arrives to try and help them as well. Connor decides to use the locking mechanism and electrocutes and kills it.


  • It is slightly larger than the real creature.
  • It is more agile than the real creature would've been.
  • It has larger crests than the real creature.

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