Scientific name Alectrosaurus olseni
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod Dinosaur
Deaths caused 52
Appearances Episode 1.5

Alectrosaurus is a large theropod dinosaur from Cretaceous Mongolia and China

In Primeval Adventure SeriesEdit

When a teacher walked to the canteen to get a snack during an exam at a school, she got attacked by an Alectrosaurus. When the team arrived, they tried to stop the Alectrosaurus as it started to kill more people, but they managed to stop it and transport it back through the anomaly, along with a Gigantoraptor. (Episode 1.5)


When they were first discovered (on a 1923 expedition to China by paleontologists from New York's American Museum of Natural History), the bones of Alectrosaurus were mixed up with those of another type of dinosaur, a segnosaur (a type of therizinosaur), provoking much confusion. After the mix
BMImg 28315 28315 dinosaurs-006-alectro
up was finally sorted out, the researchers announced that they had discovered a previously unknown genus of tyrannosaur--at that time, the first ever dug up in Asia.

To date, paleontologists have had little luck figuring out the obscure Alectrosaurus' exact position on the tyrannosaur family tree, a situation that can only be improved by further fossil discoveries. (One theory is that Alectrosaurus was actually a species of Albertosaurus, but not everyone subscribes to this idea.) Its name means "unmarried lizard" and can also be translated to "alone lizard".

Alectrosaurus seems to have been quite rare. It was much smaller than Tyrannosaurus rex; it was slender and does not preserve well. Like other members of the tyrannosaur family, it was bipedal. There have been a few findings of Alectrosaurus, and little has been published about them. printed about them. One important find is that it had a furcula (wishbone). For many years it was believed that only birds had this bone. It is now known to be common for a theropod. Since then other theropods have been found to have had them.


Alectrosaurus was discovered in 1923 during one of the American Museum of Natural History expeditions to China led by Roy Chapman Andrews. There was confusion when it was found originally, due to the fact that it was found with a segnosaur. The two animals were thought to be one. Chapman found a partial femur, tibia, fibula and pubic foot, It was described in 1933 by palaeontologist Charles W.Gilmore.. Since then a partial skull, shoulder girdle, ribs, fircula, should blade and two vertebrate have been discovered. There are no complete specimens, but there is enough skeleton material to reconstruct how it looked. It was re-described in 1989

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