Anatosuchus ("duck crocodile", for the broad, duck-like snout) is an extinct genus of notosuchian crocodylomorph discovered in Gadoufaoua, Niger, and described by a team of paleontologists led by the American Paul Sereno in 2003, in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Its duck-like snout coincidentally makes it resemble a crocoduck.

Hunting Techniques

Anatosuchus used quick acting venom that may cause paralysis or even death to smaller creatures. After its prey was fully paralyzed, it used its sharp teeth and claws to shred its victim.

Episode 1.3

After an anomaly opens in Rocky Mountain National Park, the USA ARC Team takes immediate action. But, before anyone could close the anomaly, two Anatosuchuses and a Kaprosuchus burst through the anomaly. James is bitten by the Anatosuchus, and is dragged away by the large croc. After hours of searching, Carlos Olivera finds James in an old construction site. The Anatosuchus shows up, and Carlos shoots it with his EMD. When Kennedy arrives, James is near entirely paralyzed. Taking a venom sample from the stunned Anatosuchus, Kennedy creates and antivenin for James's wounds. The other Anatosuchus is trapped in a cage, and both were sent back through the anomaly.


~It was highly unlikely that Anatosuchus was venomous.

~Anatosuchus and Kaprosuchus did not live at the same time, 90 MYA. Kaprosuchus lived at least 72 MYA.

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