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Creatures Neanderthal

Woolly Mammoth Smilodon

Setting Cougar Mountain Zoo
Broadcast October 24, 2016
Series 1
Episode 5
Preceded by Bulla
Followed by Elementary

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Animal House is the fifth episode of the first season of Primeval Evolution.


When Aiden is called in to do research on Anomalies, it seems that another one opens in the Cougar Mountain Zoo. The Anomaly Task Force, lead by Kent Rucker after being handed to the Seattle Government, investigates to find the tiger exhibit inhabited by ancient humans. Soon they find themselves overwhelmed with creatures from the Pleistocene. Meanwhile, Bullard’s goals soon get too ambitious, and when Maron’s daughter and wife get in the way, things are sure to get dirty.



in order of appearance



  • North America
    • United States
      • Washington
        • Sammamish
          • Will’s House
        • Issaquah (first appearance)
          • Cougar Mountain (first appearance)
            • Cougar Mountain Zoo (first appearance)
        • Seattle
          • Anomaly Task Force Operations Center
            • Anomaly Diagnostics Center (first appearance)

Objects and TechnologyEdit

  • Portable Anomaly Detector
  • Anomaly Locking Mechanism (broken)
  • Electro Muscular Disruption Weapon




  • Seattle Government (first appearance)
    • Special Operations
      • Department of Anomaly Diagnostics (first appearance)
        • Anomaly Task Force

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