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Object type Unknown
Creator Future Humans
Owner Ash Williams
Bob Wright
Appearances Primeval: Lost in Time

The Anomaly Opening Device is a device from the future which can open and close anomalies. The version of the device from the Sterile Earth future is more primitive than the version from the Predator-Megopteran War future.

In Primeval: Lost in TimeEdit

In the Sterile Earth future, humans created Anomaly Opening Devices and used them to send some of their people back in time to try and stop New Dawn. The Anomaly Opening Devices in this timeline are much more primitive than the ones from the Predator-Megopteran War timeline, in that whenever they open an anomaly, that anomaly will only stay open for a few seconds, and the device needs an hour to recharge itself between uses.

Ash Williams used one to escape through the anomalies into the past, and he and his group subsequently used the device to travel through the anomalies, trying to get home.

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