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Object type Unknown
Creator Unknown
Owner Bob McNixon
Appearances The Shards of Time

The Anomaly Opening Device is a device from the future which can open and close anomalies. Sean and the group used it to travel through the anomalies in their quest to each find an anomaly back to their times.

In The Shards of TimeEdit

The group found the device in the future at an unknown point in their travels through the anomalies. However, it was damaged to the point that while it could still open anomalies, the anomalies it opened would only last a few seconds, and it could not predict what era an anomaly led to until it had gone through. Due to the damage to the device, Bob constantly tried to repair it to no avail.

The group used it to open many anomalies for them to travel through on their journey through time.

In the Silurian, when a Scorpion took the device, the damage it caused to it (rather ironically) repaired it.

A new, surprising eventEdit

while being in the Silurian, Bob sees someone fighting with a Scorpion! The group kills it in order to help but, that person runs away. Finally they reach to her.(a girl) Thhey see a young beautiful girl staring at Bob. And finally she tells Bob"Dad? Are you alive?"

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