Scientific name  Varanus aquaticus
Home era Future Swamp
Creature type Varanid Lizard
Deaths caused 1 Camouflage Beast
Appearances Episode 2.4


The Aqua Monitor is a future species of monitor lizard that will appear in Primeval Continued Series 2. It can be 15 feet long and 300 lb. in weight and will eat fish, crabs, smaller lizards, small amphibians, and Camouflage Beasts. It has no natural predators. It lives in a swampy environment and is tannish in color. It lives in future Madagascar a few million years after humans went extinct. As its name suggests it has become aquatic and it has evolved many adaptations for a life in the water such as webbed feet and a flattened, paddle-like tail. It has a forked tongue, sharp teeth, curved claws, and venom like modern monitors but its venom is much more potent, similar to a cobra's. It is fast and deadly, and an apex predator.


Episode 2.4Edit

An Aqua Monitor surges upward and latches on to one the throat of a Camouflage Beast in the Future Swamp right when it is about to attack the team. It is killed instantly and the other Camouflage Beasts run off in terror. The Aqua Monitor drags its prey away and jumps into the water. The team quickly run back through the anomaly only to be followed by another Aqua Monitor. Danny and Connor shoot it until it is irritated enough that it returns through the anomaly. Connor then quickly locks the anomaly.


  • PrimevalIsAwesome has confirmed that the Aqua Monitor's scientific name is Varanus aquaticus.

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