Scientific name Argentinosaurus huinculensis
Home era Cretaceous
Creature type Sauropod Dinosaur
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Episode 1.4

Argentinosaurus was one of the largest sauropod dinosaurs that ever lived.

In Primeval Adventure SeriesEdit

When the team were through the anomaly, they saw a herd of Argentinosaurus after being chased by a Mapusaurus pack. They saw one be attacked by a Mapusaurus and they saw a herd lay eggs at a nesting site. (Episode 1.4)


Argentinosaurus, recently discovered in Argentina, will probably turn out to be the largest dinosaur yet discovered, larger than Ultrasauros or Seismosaurus. although Seismosaurus will likely continue to hold the record for total length due to its extremely long tail, characteristic of Diplodocidae. The cross section of one vertebra found of Argentinosaurus measures over five and one half feet in height. Evolutionary biologists believe that dinosaurs were able to reach such colossal sizes due to a colossal metabolism. At the height of its adolescence, Argentinosaurus was probably able to gain about 100 pounds a day!

Argentinosaurus currently holds the record for being both the heaviest land animal ever, and the longest. Despite its huge size, Argentinosaurus laid eggs about the size of a rugby ball, so its young had a lot of growing to do to reach the 37 metre adult size which would probably have taken 40 years or more. For the most part, the giant sauropods perished at the end of the Jurassic, but in South America giants like Argentinosaurus and its relatives lived on. It weighed 100 tons but another sauropod dinosaur from India called Bruhathkayosaurus may have been heavier.

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