Atomic shards are discovered by Connor Temple. They are the main cause of the anomalies as the energy involved are mostly caused by atomic shards. These are cause when the electrons of an atom begin to spin uncontrollably faster around the nucleous. This spinning eventually becomes so fast that the whole atom begins to shake and the protons and neutrons are knocked out of place, which causes them to impact other atoms.

Atomic Shards (Primeval Continued)-000:08

Atomic Shards (Primeval Continued)-0

Any direct contact with other protons, neutrons, and electrons causes a strange type of explosion that shatters the atom, this explosion is the starting trigger for anomalies. A man by the name of William Gage is trying to take advantage of atomic shards, though it is unclear how or why. (Episode 3.7)


  • The reason that William Gage is attempting to control and take advantage of atomic shards will be revealed in Series 4.

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