Scientific name Cameroceras
Home era Ordivician
Creature type Nautiloid Cephalopod
Deaths caused 2
Appearances Episode 1.9

A Cameroceras appears in Episode 1.9.


Cameroceras was a large nautiloid reaching lengths of around 30 feet. It probably had a powerful beak and had a long, straight, chambered shell that could control its boyency. It would've been a top predator. It probably moved using a hyponome.


It kills a person on a motorboat. After the ARC Team arrive it kills another. Matt, Abby, Connor, and Danny get into a motorboat to get it to attack them. It does and Matt shoots it with his EMD to anger it. It tries to knock over their boat but Matt steers it toward the anomaly and turns just before the Cameroceras goes through.


  • It is bigger than the real creature.
  • It is shown with small spines on its shell.

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