Scientific name Unknown
Home era Future Swamp
Creature type Primate (possibly lemur)
Deaths caused 1
Appearances Episode 2.4


The Camouflage Beast is shown to be highly fast and agile, and it also has the ability to chemically change the tone and colour of its skin to perfectly camouflage itself against numerous backgrounds, so as to evade being seen or captured.


Episode 2.4Edit

A Camouflage Beast attacks a man in a haunted house and drags him back through an anomaly. Everyone else who is there runs away in terror only to have another one leap down from the ceiling and screech at them. When the ARC team find the anomaly, Connor looks up to see a Camouflage Beast become visible on the ceiling. It leaps down and hisses at them. Abby and Becker shoot it and then it is returned through the anomaly. Just in case, they begin to look around the building for more creatures. Then, out of nowhere, one leaps down and screeches at the team. It manages to avoid multiple EMD shots and is able to drive them through the anomaly.On the other side of the anomaly, the team find themselves in a huge swamp. But it is only seconds before the Camouflage Beast follows them through. It lets out a loud howl and three other Camouflage Beasts leap down from the trees. They are about to attack the team when they hear a loud hiss. Then an Aqua Monitor surges upward and latches on to one the creatures' throats. It is killed instantly and the other Camouflage Beasts run off in terror. The Aqua Monitor drags its prey away and jumps into the water.


  • The Camouflage Beast in Episode 2.4 looks the same as the one in the original series.

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