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Charles Cutter
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Charles "Charlie" Cutter (b. 31 October 1979) was the younger brother of Nick Cutter, the brother-in-law of Helen Ambrose, the son of Mary and Jacob Cutter, the husband of Elizabeth Claudetteson and the father of Anakin Cutter.


Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1979, Charles grew up with his parents, Mary and Jacob Cutter, and elder brother, Nick, born in 1973. His father Jacob, died in a mountaineering accident in January 1990, when Charles was ten and Nick was seventeen.

In his childhood, Charles had the unfortunate problem of being very chubby and gained weight very easily, often outgrowing clothes within weeks - sometimes even days - of buying them. This didn't sit well with Jacob - a tall, muscular man who believe fat people were fat because they were lazy, stupid and gluttonous - who sent his child to doctor after doctor and put him on diet after diet, all of which failed, and actually made Charles fatter than ever; eventually, Jacob, fed up of his son being so fat, resorted to forcing his six year old son into a corset.

Charles found an ally in the family - his brother, Nick, who often protected him from their father's voilent rages at Charles's ever increasing weight - and was often happy in Nick's presence, as Nick allowed him to take off his corset, which was so tight that it sometime prevented Charles from breathing and often sneaked Charles sweats from the kitchen.

At the age of eight, Charles met his future wife, Elizabeth Claudetteson - a chubby blonde pig-tailed girl - at school and a friendship - which would later blossom into love and marriage - began between them and they often sneaked out of physical education lessons - which Charles needed - to stuff their faces behind the physical education hall.

In 1989, at the age of sixteen, Nick was accepted to University and left home to the immense pride of his parents; Nick met Helen in college and they had a speedy romance, before getting married in January 1990 - Charles, ten years old, chubbier than ever and happy to be reunited with Nick - attended his brother's wedding, but did not approve of the bride. Soon after the wedding Jacob Cutter died in a mountaineering accident, and both siblings - along with their cousins and other relatives - attended the funeral which culminated in Charles finally bursting out of his corset, which he then buried with his father.

For the first time since he was born, Charles finally felt free, but their father's funeral would be the last time Nick and Charles saw each other until 1994, though Charles did receive notice that his brother and sister-in-law had had two sons, Stuart and Andrew, in November 1993.

Nick's marriage, which his brother Charles did not approve of, ran into difficulties in 1994 when a family gathering - between Nick, Helen, their young twins Stuart and Andrew, Mary, Charles and his girlfriend, Elizabeth - ended with Elizabeth in tears, Charles in hospital with several broken ribs and broken leg, and the twins covered in ice-cream.

After this event, Nick and Charles didn't speak again; at the age of 16 in 1995, Charles proposed to Elizabeth, who, also 16, accepted his proposal; Nick did not attend his brother's wedding in 1996, though he receive word that his nephew, Anakin Cutter, had been born in 1999; Nick did not visit his brother, but did send a present to congratulate him. This was the last communication the two brothers would have until 2004, when, through their mother's interference, the two became civil to one another again.

Charles's child, Anakin Cutter, born in 1999, suffered from a rare combination of cerebral palsy and a form of severe epilepsy called Ohtahara syndrome, requiring round-the-clock care from his parents. He had brain damage, suffered during a difficult birth - which rendered his mother incapable of having more children - and had inherited all the weight problems of his ever expanding father, weighing 150 pounds by the age of seven; despite this, he was never denied anything by his parents, both of whom were rather rotund and growing steadily larger.

In 2000, at the age of 21, and at the weight of 300 pounds, Charles got a job as a chef, suffered a heart attack and was taken into hospital, where he recovered. He would later have more strokes - in 2002, 2004 and 2006 respectively - that made him realise that his weight had to decrease; this, to the relief of his mother, set him on a diet that would still be continuing, just, in 2009; his wife Elizabeth often lured him into cheating on his diet.

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