Cistecephalus was a mole-sized therapsid that lived in South Africa during the late Permian period, 255 million years ago. It was a small burrowing dicynodont that probably lived like a mole and, unlike other dicynodonts which were herbivores, Cistecephalus ate insects. It also one of the few therapsids to lend its name to an entire geological formation, the Cistecephalus Assemblage Zone in South Africa's Karoo Basin, which has yielded countless fossils of mammal-like reptiles.
Species: Cistecephalus microrhinus
Name: "Box Head"
Habitat: Woodlands of southern Africa
Home Era: Late Permian
Size & Weight: 13 in. long & a few pounds
Diet: Insects
Friends: Diictodon
Enemies: Gorgonopsids, therocephalians, dinocephalians
Creature Type: Dicynodont Therapsid Synapsid
Danger Factor(1-10): 1
Named by: Richard Owen in 1876

Appearances: Episode 1.1, 1.2, 1.4

Deaths Caused: 0
Number: 1
Returned to Era: No; is kept by Ginger

In PnF PrimevalEdit

Along with two Diictodons, a Cistecephalus ventured through an anomaly in the Danville forest in episode 1.1. Ginger named the burrower Molely and he along with the Diictodons, Sid and Nancy, are living with her at the time being.

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