Note: Really sorry to add this, as it is completely non-Primeval, but I made it on a computer that is now being moved to another school, and this was the only place I could save it. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

With a stunning boom, bombs fell over the countryside. They were aimed for the Big Apple, but they had yet to obliterate their target. The anti-missile protections were going well, but the droids and blocking missiles were running low on juice and funding, and missiles were flying into the countryside instead of the sea. Shrapnel flew through the city as people took cover. The Empire State Building had long since fallen, and the Statue of Liberty had taken a few hits herself. Gideon Jones honked wildly at the traffic jam. He realized he was idling and set the vehicle on hibernate. No use making the environment worse than it already is, he thought. Years ago, around the mid-21st century, the ice caps had collapsed. The Greenland Oil Shelf, oil supplier for most of the world, had been swamped. People had mostly invested in hydroelectric energy, and the big rivers had been dammed, sparking a third world war between China, Germany and America over ownership of the Long River. So not only was the environment destroyed, there was a war on. He pulled back the taxi to avoid a grenade.

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