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Concept art for the Concavenator.


Concavenator corcovatus -


Theropod -

Fatalities Caused

1 -


Episode 1.2 (PC)

Concavenator is a deadly European hunter that makes an appearence in Primeval Continued Series 1.


1.2: A Concavenator comes through an anomaly into a park. It eventually corners Abby, but is then blasted by Ryan's EMD, making it turn to him, it then follows him through the anomaly. It later chases after the rest of the ARC team after they follow Ryan into the Cretaceous Desert. It is then knocked unconcious by multiple EMD shots from the ARC team. It is then left back where it came from when the anomaly closes.


  • This is the second dinosaur to appear in Primeval Continued.


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