Condemnanguem was a descendant of large clawed but plant-eating therizinosaurs, but it wasn't a herbivore. A quick look at it's serrated teeth proves that, though if one looks at it's serrated teeth, one often doesn't live to tell the tale. But it wasn't the teeth that made Condemnanguem deadly - the name means "condemning claw," because those scythes were made to decapitate unlucky prey.


Condemnanguem lived in Late Cretaceous Mongolia, possibly North America, from 70 million years ago until just before the asteroid that wiped out the (majority of) the dinosaurs (excluding birds and a Troodon or two). They were among the chief rivals of Tarbosaurus (Tyrannosaurus bataar?). At the shoulders, Condemnanguem would have reached a T. rex's lower chest, but if you include the neck then it would have been slightly taller than a Spinosaurus, making it the tallest carnivorous dinosaur to ever live. At the end of this long neck was a mouth full of deadly teeth, curved backwards and designed to slice through the thickest flesh like butter. It's body size was double that of the largest Terror bird and the legs were two meters. It's tail was 2.5 meters long. But the most exceptional feature of Condemnanguem was those gigantic two meter arms and those six claws, each a meter long and designed to kill. Those claws could slice a Gallimimus in half and kill a Tarbosaurus with one hit to the neck. Those claws made Condemnanguem a menace. However, even the most menacing predator is nothing in the cold, merciless eyes of Mother Nature. Even before the dinosaurs were wiped from the Earth, Condemnanguem died out when increasing volcanic activity killed off it's prey and left only smaller raptors behind, too fast to be slain by the condemning claws. Raptors could easily dodge past the claws and find the weak spots, using their deadly claws to bring down a Condemnanguem. The species name "postremum" means "last," because Condemnanguem was the first and the last of the predatory therizinosaurs. No matter how big your claws are, the force of extinction will be your downfall, always.

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