Concept art for the Conodont.


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Unknown, possibly primitive chordate -

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Episode 1.9 (PC)

A kind of Conodont will appear in Primeval Continued Episode 1.9.


Conodonts are small worm or eel-like creatures from the Paleozoic. They had no jaws but had specialized teeth and probably equally specialized diets.

The conodonts in Primeval Continued are much larger than the real creature, being about 3 feet long, and have sharp, triangular teeth. They have no jaws and act like pirhanas, swarming in groups and eating their dead or weakened prey. They finish off or scavenge the prey of larger predators like Cameroceras.


A swarm of conodonts come through an anomaly into a marina. One leaps at Becker before being shot unconcious. Matt lures into a net using blood then pulls up the net and shoots all of them. They are then returned through the anomaly.



  • It is much larger than a real conodont.
  • It is probably much more vicious than the real creature.
  • A real conodont probably wouldn't have lived and hunted in swarms.
  • Real conodonts have much more complicated teeth.

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