Attention all Fanon Wiki members, I'm hosting a Create-a-Creature competition for Primeval Resurrected. Since many of you seem to want to add your own creatures in my story, this is your opportunity to do just that. Create your very own creature for Primeval Resurrected. Please create an article for your entry, and create a link to it in the section below. Please submit a drawing and description of your creature in its article. The winner's creature will appear in series 4 of Primeval Resurrected. But hurry, the contest ends April 1st, 2013!


  • It can't be a creature that already exists. It doesn't have to be from the future, but if it's from the past then make it something not known from the fossil record (like the Fog Worm or Tree Creeper from the original series).
  • It cannot be a creature that has already appeared in the Primeval franchise.
  • Make it at least somewhat realistic: No two-headed acid-spitting meerkat-snakes with wings or whatnot.
  • If you do not win, that does not mean you can just go ahead and add your creature in the series anyway. Don't be a sore loser!
  • Creature entries must be limited to only a picture and a description of the creature's biology. Don't plan out an entire episode or anything like that. In other words, don't say what episode the creature appears in, how many deaths it caused, or how the team captures it. Leave it to me to decide what role the winner's creature will have in the series.
  • It has to be an original idea. For example, don't use future creatures from After Man or The Future Is Wild. It must be your own creation.
  • The most important rule of all: Have fun!

Submit your Entries Here!Edit

  • Me too! Nate Perez 5:52 PM March 8, 2013
    • Giant Future Squid
    • Future Octopus
    • Future Caracara
    • Future Alligator( sorta like Dinocroc)
    • Future Jellyfish
    • Future two- headed Great White shark

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