The Cretaceous Desert is a desert in Cretaceous Egypt.

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

Episode 1.4Edit


A Carcharodontosaurus in the Cretaceous Desert

Connor and Abby become trapped here in episode 1.4. Eventually the anomaly reopens to send them back home. It closes immediately after they go through.


It is a desolate plain of sand and sparse grass, with patches of greenery in some areas. At the edge of this desert begins a swamp, which has much more life than the desolate wasteland it neighbours.


Inhabitants of the SwampEdit


  • It is the first prehistoric world seen in Primeval Resurrected.
  • This location was mostly filmed in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia.


  • The desert is shown to contain grass. Grass was very rare in Cretaceous times and probably wouldn't exist in the large quantities depicted in the episode.

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