"Boy, is it hot here? I can see that this is before AC was invented..."

- Connor Temple remarking on the rainforest's uncomfortable humidity

The Cretaceous Rainforest is, as its name suggests, a rainforest in the early Cretaceous, presumably in China.

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

A Yutyrannus and a pack of Mei long come through an anomaly out of this rainforest into a cemetery in London. The entire ARC team becomes marooned in this era after a man they were chasing named Robert Themes goes through this anomaly. He then dashes through another anomaly, which then closes, leaving the ARC team trapped in this rainforest. While there, they are repeatedly menaced by a pair of Yutyrannus and a pack of Mei long, as well as encountering more harmless creatures such as an Incisivosaurus and a herd of Euhelopus. Eventually, an anomaly opens to send the team back home just as the huge volcano at the edge of the forest is on the verge of erupting.


A lush fertile land, the Cretaceous rainforest is home to a wide variety of plant life: such as ferns, trees, and cycads, as well as many different types of animals: theropod dinosaurs, sauropod dinosaurs, pterosaurs, small mammals, insects, and small reptiles to name a few. It seems the perfect place for all sorts of Mesozoic life forms, but this forest has a dark secret. It is located at the base of a towering active volcano that erupts constantly, putting every animal in this forest at frequent risk.


  • Mei long
  • Incisivosaurus


  • It is the second Cretaceous world seen in PR, after the Cretaceous Desert from episode 1.4.
  • It was mostly filmed in the rainforests of Tasmania due to their primordial-looking plant life, though the volcano was entirely CGI.

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