colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"  Darwinius csotonyi
Life restoration of Darwinius

Scientific name

Darwinius masillae -

Home era

Eocene Germany -


Adapiformid primate -

Deaths caused

0 -


Episode 1.1

Darwinius is a primitive primate of Eocene Germany.


Darwinius looked much like a lemur. Measuring about 58 cm in length, it had a long tail and grasping hands with nails instead of claws.


The shape of Darwinius's teeth suggest that it ate food such as leaves and seeds, which were preserved in the fossil's stomach region.

In addition, it is shown in Episode 1.1 that it was fond of berries.


Darwinius likely acted like today's small primates.

In Primeval: New BloodEdit

Abby encounters a Darwinius in a tree while climbing up after a Eurotamandua, in Episode 1.1. Because the soldiers would likely shoot it if they saw it, Abby keeps the Darwinius in a crate until it can be safely returned to the Eocene.

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