Scientific name Daspletosaurus torosus
Home era Late Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod Dinosaur
Deaths caused Over 78
Appearances Episode 1.2

Daspletosaurus is a theropod dinosaur and is the ancestor of T.rex.

In Primeval Adventure SeriesEdit

In London, a pack of Daspletosaurus come through a late Cretaceous anomaly and one of them hits a bus and the pack eat all the people in the bus. A lot of people were crowded all over the smashed bus and some people were running and screaming over a dangerous thret of Daspletosaurus. They are identified as Daspletosaurus. Abby and a couple of soldiers head off to capture the Daspletosaurus pack but were too powerful, are left to figure out what genus the pterosaur is, and the rest have to find the anomaly. William and Eddie inform Abby, who realises that both of the soldiers that where with her have disappeared and got maule by the Daspletosaurus. Then the pack of Daspletosaurus start to rampage in the Natural History Mueseum and Science Museum and kill loads of people. A boy called Huw calls for help for that his friend Max Parr-reed had been killed by one. The team shoot all the Daspletosaurus with their highests versions of EMD's and drag them back through the anomaly when they will all be alive in the anomaly. (Episode 1.2)


The theropod dinosaur Daspletosaurus or frightful lizard had a head as huge as the later Tyrannosaurus Rex, with just as cruel teeth. With such big teeth, this carnivorous dinosaur may have been clever to attack and kill heavily plated species of dinosaurs, like ankylosaurs. A contempary of Gorgosaurus, Daspletosaurus was founded on a frame originally believed to be an undescribed species of Gorgosaurus. Dale A. Russel hypothesized that while the more lightly built and more common Gorgosaurus may have specialized in preying on the more ordinary species of hadrosaurids, the heavier, more robust Daspletosaurus may have specialized in the less prevalent armored species of the time such as the ceratopsids.

The fossils of a Daspletosaurus torosus were found in The Canadian Museum of Nature. It has been suggested that Daspletosaurus is a direct ancestor to Tyrannosaurus. The massive, stocky construct of the two tyrannosaurus and certain similarities in skull structures seem to be indicators of a close phylogenetic relationship between the two genera. Some have even gone further to suggest that Daspletosaurus is in fact a species of Tyrannosaurus (Daspletosaurus torosus - Tyrannosaurus torosus), but this has not been universally acknowledged. Currently, one species of Daspletosaurus, D. torosus, (torosus, meaning "brawny") has been officially documented.

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