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Location North America (presumed)
Anomalies TBA
Filming location
Appearances The Shards of Time

Dawn City is a city presumably located in a county or state in North America. It was one of the cities across the globe targeted by the Future Predators during the 2033 outbreak.


Three-hundred years after the Future Predator outbreak, Dawn City is ruined and seemingly lifeless. It is full of derelict buildings and rusted, deserted cars, most damaged or overturned.

While Dawn City's streets are lifeless, and the buildings seem deserted, the skyscrapers and other buildings are inhabited by massive colonies of Future Predators.

Apparently, there are no Megopterans inhabiting the city due to their origins.



Dawn City was presumably built at some point in the near future before the Predator outbreak.


Dawn City was one of the many towns and cities across the globe targeted by the Future Predators, because of the prey (namely humans) it offered due to its population. Presumably, the Predators overran the city and wiped out the human populance.

The Shards of TimeEdit

Three-hundred years after the Predator outbreak, a group of four people entered the ruined Dawn City in search of an anomaly back to the present day, but were attacked and surrounded by the local Future Predators descended from the ones that invaded the city during the outbreak.




  • Dawn City's name may be based off New Dawn's.
  • Dawn City's Predator infestation is considerably larger than the Future City's.

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