Dongusuchus is a big Triassic archosaur. Grow to the 2 m long. In Primeval, it's appeared in episodes 1.1, 2.4 and 2.8.

Scientific name Dongusuchus
Home era Middle Triassic
Creature type Archosaur reptile
Deaths caused 4 (1 Rhadiodromus, 2 people traveling in the car, 1 Eryosuchus)
Appearances 1.1, 2.4, 2.8

Episode 1.1.

Two Dongusuchus goes to the anomaly. They appeared in forest, but see a prey (Rhadiodromus) in city and attacks. One of predators attacking a car and follow it, another attacks a Rhadiodromus and killed one of this dicynodonts. Another (car follower) goes to the park and attacks people. One that eating Rhadiodromus, be tranquilized by Nick and Claudia and sended to anomaly, where Abby follow a Rhadiodromus herd. Another attacks a Dorosuchus and goes to anomaly. It attacks Abby and follow her to river, where large amphibian Eryosuchus attacks a Donguschus, and become a fight (Abby this time goes to anomaly back to today). Eryosuchus carried a Dongusuchus to water, and archosaur bites and killed amphibian, but drowned.

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