Dragons (Revelations)


as referred by humans are a bipedal reptiles from the future and evolved into highly advance species along. They had somehow survived the extinction and made their sole purpose to alter history in their favour, believing to preserve their race and Earth by erasing humans from history.


Not much about their history so far but according to the Preservation, they have been in hibernation for millions of years and yet in their future timeline when the Dragons awoke from hibernation, discovered humans have evolved in their place and how mucht hey abused the Earth for centuries, they learnt to use the Anomalies and how they seen early humans tried to use them for their own gain, ultiamtely come to believe they are unfit to exist. They stole the blueprints of time travel technology to send agents throughout history and thus started a temperol war with Preservation who are an organization to preserve the timeline. 

Focusing on the early 21st century as the highest concentration fo Anomly activies, the Dragons found Helen Cutter and manipulated her to erase humans from history so that they could win the Temperol War and become the apex race of Earth. However since she killed after poisoning the Australopithecus of Site 333 but used technology such as cloning to create the Future Predators and other dangerous beasts as weapons to control. They sent out few agents to pose as humans and learn as much of history to know when, they discovered an abandoned project known as Project Magnet that was involved in top secret research of the supernatural and Extraterrestrial events, seeing it as an oppurtunity to their plans. The Dragons sent N'Kil to the year 2013 and used the military into controlling them and furthermore to change history into 'their favor', but in reality to either create biological weapons against humans, using genetic samples the creatures from different time periods to create bio-weapons without Project Magnet or the military even knowing it.


  • They are obviously based on the common legend of Reptillians by their appearances and goals to conquer Earth

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