A Dromaeosaurus has been confirmed to appear in Episode 6 of Series 1 of Primeval: Revelations. It has also


Scientific Name

Dromaeosaurus albertensis -

Deaths Caused

38 Humans -


Episode 1.4 (P:R)
Episode 1.6 (P:R)
Series 2 (P:R)

been confirmed to be a very vicious creature, causing by fare more deaths than the Future Predator in this Series. It also has been confirmed to appear in possible future series, but having slight or dramatic changes to its appearance. However, it will remain the same species of raptor.

It is also going to make a brief cameo in Episode 1.4 battling a Balaur. It has also been confirmed that during this incursion, the raptor will escape and be the raptor causing the murders in Episode 1.6.

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