Abby: What were those things?

Connor: Enchodus, I think. Commonly known as "sabre-toothed herring", though I think I'd prefer to call them "sabre-toothed piranhas". It just goes to show how dangerous this sea is, even the minnows are vicious!

- Connor Temple and Abby Maitland after the Enchodus attack



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Enchodus Promo

Creature Type

Fish -

Home Era

Late Cretaceous -


Carnivore -

Deaths Caused

N/A -


Primeval Resurrected Episode 2.7

Enchodus was a species of small Cretaceous fish with large fangs at the front of its mouth that have earned it the nickname of "sabre-toothed herring".


Though Enchodus normally act harmless, swimming about placidly in large schools, these tiny fish have a deadly secret. When they detect the scent of blood, Enchodus will snap into a vicious feeding frenzy, swarming over their victims and eating them alive. They will also scavenge the carcasses of some larger animals like Archelon, though they wouldn't dare attack a living one. Enchodus are frequently preyed upon by Styxosaurus and Hesperornis.  

In Primeval ResurrectedEdit

After Connor cuts himself on the splintery railing of the team's boat in the Cretaceous sea, he accidentally slips into the water. A nearby school of Enchodus smell his blood and attack him. Abby pulls him out of the water just in time. A few of the Enchodus cling on to his clothes as he is pulled up, but he pries them off and tosses them back into the water.



  • Enchodus are depicted as aggressive swarming fish similar to piranhas, this is somewhat unlikely in real life. 

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