Scientific name Entelodon magnus?
Home era Oligocene
Creature type Entelodont
Deaths caused 1
Appearances Episode 2.1

An Entelodont has been confirmed to appear in Episode 2.1.


Entelodonts are ferocious artiodactylid predators from the Oligocene. They have powerful, crocodile-like jaws and huge canines and crushing molars. They are omnivorous creatures. They could probably crush bone with their powerful jaws.


Episode 2.1Edit

An Entelodont chases a Moropus down a road after the anomaly it came through closes. The team find a dead body killed by the Entelodont. Ryan and Becker fire at it with their EMD's and the creature runs off. The team splits up and Matt and Danny go after it. Matt and Danny finally find the Entelodont which attacks them. They shoot at it until the creature crumples to the ground, dead.


  • The CGI model for the Entelodont is similar to that of the Deinohyus in Monsters Resurrected.


  • It is slightly larger than the real creature.

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