"It was like a Giganotosaurus but half the size and half the deadly but fast as hell!"
―Johnathon Davis' description to Samantha[src]
DU Eocarcharia
Scientific name Eocarcharia dinops
Home era Early Cretaceous period
Creature type Theropod dinosaur
Deaths caused 1
Appearances Episode 1.1 (DU) (flashback)
Episode 2.1 (DU) (flashback)
Episode 3.8 (DU)

Eocarcharia was a theropod dinosaur which lived during the early Cretaceous period in Africa.

In Primeval: Down UnderEdit

Episode 1.1 (DU)Edit

An Eocarcharia appeared in a flashback of Johnathon Davis where it came through an Anomaly and killed his wife Sarah Davis. As it turned on Johnathon, he turned and ran.

Episode 2.1 (DU)Edit

When Steven Thomas asked Johnathon Davis why he was depressed, Johnathon told him about the 2004 Eocarcharia incursion through flashback.

Episode 3.8 (DU)Edit

Moments after an Anomaly to the early Cretaceous period opened at a petrol station, the Eocarcharia from the 2004 incursion came through the Anomaly. After examining the landscape, it broke into the petrol station shop and tills and killed three citizens. As Samuel Manson and Samantha Rogers tried to tranquilise the creature, the Eocarcharia swiftly evaded the bullets and darted off into inner Sydney.

The Eocarcharia soon broke into the Sydney Opera House and entered the main hall. The screams of several viewers spooked the creature and caused it to go into a feeding frenzy. As the spectators trampled over each other to escape being eaten, the Eocarcharia fed upon the casualties. As the Australian Anomaly team and the ARC arrived to exterminate the creature, the Eocarcharia's speed had the better of them and it escaped.

The ARC and the Australian Anomaly team found the Eocarcharia causing chaos in the city centre.

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