Episode 1.10 (PAS)


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Amphicyon -


Swimming Pool
Galashiels (Scotland)
Tower Block
Car Park


11th March 2012 -


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Episode 2.1

Episode 1.10 (PAS) is the tenth and last episode of the first series of the Primeval Adventure Series. It will premiere on 11th March 2011. This episode is also longer than the others in this series, as there are lots of creatures and anomalies the team have to stop.

Brief SynopsisEdit

Andy, who is revealed to be the creater of the anomalies, opens up more of them and lots of creatures come through. The team try to stop Andy, the anomalies, the creatures and Connor tries to use the machine he's built to stop the anomalies opening up.


Outside the ARC, Andy opens more satellite anomalies and a large theropod dinosaur is reported to be roaming the streets. Then another anomaly opens, followed by another, and another with more creatures coming through attacking people and Andy releases creatures all over the UK and in some parts of the world and he has created a creatrue army of many dinosaurs and some other prehistoric creatures.

The exhausted ARC team struggle to stop the creatures and try to get all of the creatures back through the anomaly before anything else could happen. The team try to stop: a Teratophoneus stalking the streets of Cambridge, a Spinophorosaurus stomping around Tring, a Koreaceratops causing havoc in a swimming pool, a Tapuiasaurus herd in Galashiels (Scotland), a herd of Xuwulong around a hotel, Koreanosaurus's in a tower block, Titanoceratops herds crashing a school, and Liaoningosaurus and Liaoceratops herd at a car park. It's up to Matt and the exhausted panting team to stop Andy from destroying the human race.
506px-Satellite Anomaly

A satellite anomaly

He discovers that Andy has also made clones of previous characters: Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart, Helen Cutter, Sarah Page, Gideon Anderson, Oliver Leek, Christine Johnson, Captain Wilder, Matt Anderson and Tom Ryan. He uses these to fill the ARC but an anomaly he didn't know about has opened and a Bear Dog comes through it. It emerges victorious and kills Andy in a standoff. Connor then uses his machine to close all the satellite anomalies that Andy opened and everything was going to be alright. If any anomaly catastrophe ever happens, Philip decided that they would build New Dawn to make sense of the anomalies. Lester says to the team that another anomaly has opened and the team get ready for their next mission.



  • Matt Anderson
  • Connor Temple
  • Abby Maitland
  • Jess Parker
  • James Lester
  • Captain Hilary Becker
  • William Tootsay
  • Eddie Raventhaw
  • Max Porter-Priceson
  • Adam Presbon
  • Andy

Other EpisodesEdit

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