"That's one big bird"

"That's no bird"

Sam and Kaleb on the attack of the Haast Eagle


An anomaly opens up on Uluru frightening a climber.


Arron starts climbing Uluru but when he reaches the top notices a strange light. He steps over to find out but is then thrown to the ground.

Sam Hart is walking down the street into a cafe. He sits down and looks at the T.V. He notices his friend from school Ben White who has started a business about wild animals. He then asks for a beer than leaves.

Sam arrives at the SWC centre where he is first met with Ben who shows him around. They discuss animals that they would be capturing. Sam walks past a prehistoric bird but mistakes it for a present bird. He then follows Ben into the Zoo. After talking some more they run out on alert. Ben tells Sam he better hurry up.

When Sam and Kaleb arrive at Uluru they find fossils of a lizard scattered around. They notice an eagle in the sky and discuss it. Then Kaleb spots a man hiking back down. They run over to talk to him. He tells them of the amazing things he had seen. Then Kaleb says they need a helicopter.

It then shows them flying in a helicopter. They land and search for the creature.

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