Primeval America


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American ARC

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Episode 1.2

Primeval America Starts its new series.


James Lester, from the english ARC, interviews many people in a small interrogation room. The long conversasions continue throughout the day. James asks basic step information after reading their full file.

One member is selected in advance, as Lester knows straight away this is the man, the description follows by that of Nick Cutters. This mans name is Jack Darwin, he is the perfect candidate. He asks where to stay momentarily, James purely states, "go home and have the last few hours of your normal life," He is escorted by guards out of the almost finished ARC. Her hides something in his jacket.

At Jacks house he sits at the computer desk, whilst searching on the internet he looks back and forth on the file he picked up earlier. A blurry camera shot, with the name at the words of Area 51 Creature.

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