Primeval Continued downtown
Creatures Eustreptospondylus
Setting Downtown London
Broadcast 11/20/12
Series 1
Episode 1
Preceded by Episode 5.6
Followed by Episode 1.2

User reviews

"You're back!" - Abby upon Danny's awakening after being knocked out.


With a dinosaur rampaging on the streets, and an old team member back from the past, the ARC team are more surprized than ever.


An anomaly opens in downtown London, and Patrick Quinn runs through and hides among the crowds of people. Danny Quinn then walks through the anomaly and spots Patrick and follows him. Patrick turns and sees Danny and pulls out a pistol and fires, causing panic. But he is distracted by a roar from the anomaly. A Eustreptospondylus charges at the crowd of people, killing and eating one, then turns to Patrick who shoots at it with his pistol to no avail. Patrick knocks Danny unconcious and runs off. The Eustreptospondylus roars.

Meanwhile, at the ARC, Connor and Ryan are working on a device related to the anomalies. Abby walks in and questions them about it, but Connor simply states that it is a secret until it is finished but it is important. Abby starts to say something but is cut off as the anomaly alert goes off. The team gather near the detector while Jess tells them where the anomaly is. Becker and Matt collect a few EMD's and pack them into the trunk of their car. Two ARC cars drive away and Becker's car follows. When they reach the anomaly they arm themselves and shoot at the Eustreptospondylus which is dragging a body through the anomaly. After being shot multiple times it drops the body and runs through the anomaly. Matt drags the person back out of the anomaly and discovers that he is only unconcious. Abby and Connor then recognise him as Danny.

When Danny wakes up, he greets Aby and Connor and then reveals the EMD that he stole from Patrick. He is introduced to Ryan Tayler and then the team leave Danny with the medics and follow the Eustreptospondylus trail. The team find the creature eating a man in an underground car park and Matt, Becker, and Ryan fire at it with their EMD's but it charges them. However a shot from behind scares it off. As the creature leaves it reveals Danny holding an EMD.

As the creature rampages toward the anomaly it kills 2 more people. When the ARC Team arrive again the Eustreptospondylus attacks. The team finally manage to scare the theropod back through the anomaly which Connor then locks. The team then notice Patrick watching them. Connor, Aby, and Danny chase after him but eventually lose him. The team return to the ARC and Lester welcomes Danny back. Emily is then warned by Matt that Patrick is back and they lost him.




  • The ARC
  • The streets of London

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