Episode 1.1 (TI) is the first episode of The Invasion, wich was created by Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. It was first shown on 4th September 2011.


'The End' is seen being written on a laptop by an unknown person. The camera slowly zoomes out to show James Lester in his office at the ARC. It turns out that he has just finished his biography.

Meanwhile, a man is seen getting out of a car. He turns out to be Connor. He walks into the house he is at and says hello to Abby, who is cooking. They quickly kiss and Connor quickly looks at a picture of him in a suit and Abby in a wedding dress at their wedding. Connor smiles.

Elsewhere, a mug of tea is seen being lifted. The drinker is shown as Emily Merchent. She then comments that it was well made to Matt Anderson, who then enters the room.

A picture is then shown on a wall, showing all of the ARC team smiling. Captin Becker looks at it. He then walks and sits down and turns on the TV. Jess Parker walks in and sits next to Becker.

Lester is shown posting sone letters through a shreader. Outside his office, a few people are at work in the hub. Lester walks out of his office and begins to observe the hub. A voice over by Lester then begins, talking about the ARC operation and that after the final recorded anomaly closed, the King's Cross Anomaly, the main ARC team where retired under the orders of the Minister, after he commented that the team are no longer needed. Lester managed to keep the ARC open to further the reserch of the anomalies. The voice over then finishes and a noise is heard through out the ARC. The ADD alarm. Lester begins to curse the 'damn' anomalies as every one in the ARC leaps to their feet. Lester ventures into his office and calls a number.

Abby and Connor have finished tea and are starting to relax when the phone goes off. After Connor picks it up Abby asks who it is. Connor listens to the person on the other end before putting it down. He looks frazzled. He says to a now worried Abby that a new anomaly has opened.

The Title Sequence is shown.

More Info Comming Soon....


  • The bit before the title sequence may seem like a long time, but all that only takes up about three to four minuites.
  • The part before the title sequence was released on Tuesday 19th July 2011 as a teaser for the series on

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