The sixth episode of Beastly 14's Anomaly Crisis

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Creatures Tyrannosaurus Rex
Setting Renovated Park
Broadcast June 10th, 2011
Series 1
Episode 6
Preceded by Episode 1.5
Followed by Episode 7

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At the ARC, the team is held hostage by Ben. He threatens to open the menagarie and let out the mammoth if they don't tell him how to hack into a park's security system. Jess eventually tells him, and is untied. She does it for him then tells him to "Look Over There!" and grabs the EMD. He turns back, unsurprised. "I always knew you were smart, Jess. But that, that was stupid." he then took a detenator out of his pocket and showed it.

He walked out of the building and stopped. He and the team could both here the ADD going off. He then pushed the button on the detenator. Nothing happened. Jess then started untying the team.

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