Primeval Continued runway
Creatures Quetzalcoatlus
Setting Airport
Broadcast 1/21/13
Series 1
Episode 6
Preceded by Episode 1.6
Followed by Episode 1.7

User reviews

"What the hell! There's two of you!" - Danny upon seeing the second Matt.


A titanic pterosaur comes through an anomaly into a runway, can the team contain such a huge creature? And at the ARC,Matt meets his other self again but this time Abby, Emily, and Danny see him too. What is he trying to tell Matt and why does he keep coming back?


A plane is driving down a runway in an airport. Further down the runway an anomaly opens and a Quetzalcoatlus walks through. As the plane comes closer, the anomaly weakens and then closes, trapping the massive pterosaur in the present. As the plane nears, the Quetzalcoatlus screeches in terror.

At the ARC, the anomaly alert goes off and then stops. Abby says the anomaly probaly closed but it might have let a creature through. The team get in their cars and drive off toward the anomaly site. When they get there, the see the Quetzalcoatlus on the runway with the plane nearing. Their fire their EMD's at the creature and manage to drive it off the runway. The plane takes off but just misses hitting the fleeing pterosaur. Seeing it closer, Abby identifies it as Quetzalcoatlus, one of the largest creatures ever to fly. Danny then points out that it's heading straight for them and the team just barely get of of the pterosaur's wayas it charges past them.

Right then, the anomaly reopens and the Quetzalcoatlus launches itself into the sky and majestically flies through the anomaly. Becker quickly locks the anomaly and the team head back to the ARC. Matt, Abby, and Emily walk down a corridor on the way to the menagerie and see the alternate Matt step out of the shadows. He says: "You have to go back." Matt asks if Emily and Abby see him too and they say they to. Then Danny walks down the corridor and sees the second Matt. He freaks out about there being two Matts and the alternate Matt runs away down the corner. Matt, Danny, Emily, and Abby chase after him but lose him eventually.

Danny, Matt, Abby, and Emily are in Lester's office talking to him about the second Matt. Lester decides to set up extra security cameras in all the alcoves and corridors so they can catch the other Matt more easily.

Matt and Abby go into Connor's lab to look up records of similar things that have happened to the ARC but instead find a paper written by Connor about the other Matt. The label: "Matt Anderson Paradox Related To Claudia Brown Incident?"




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