Primeval Continued office building
Creatures Herrerasaurus
Setting Office Building
Broadcast 1/28/13
Series 1
Episode 7
Preceded by Episode 1.6
Followed by Episode 1.8

User reviews

"Patrick is in the building! He's taken the locking device!" - Connor after Patrick steals the locking device.


A vicious theropod comes into an office building, and an old enemy of the ARC returns.


At an office building, an emplyee opens a door to his boss's office and sees an anomaly. Its magnetic energy pulls the door closed. He opens it again, but this time walks in, the anomaly pulling the door closed behind him. He hears noises coming from behind his boss's desk. He looks behind the desk and sees a Herrerasaurus eating his boss. It turns and sees him and he runs out of the room and locks the door. The creature still tries to snap at him from the other side of the door.

At the ARC, Matt is reading through Connor's paper about the other Matt and Claudia Brown when Connor walks in. He asks where Matt got his paper. Matt says he went to look up ARC records in Connor's lab when he saw it. Connor says that he is showing the ARC Ryan's invention. Connor walks outside and introduces the Handheld Anomaly Locking Mechanism. The anomaly alert then goes off.

At the office building, the team find the trapped Herrerasaurus. As the creature bashes against the door, the glass shatters and it breaks free. The ARC Team fire at the theropod, but it manages to dodge all the EMD shots and is able to run down to the floor underneath them. Matt, Emily, Becker, Ryan, and Danny follow the Herrerasaurus while Abby and Connor stay behind to watch the anomaly. Patrick comes to the anomaly, steals the locking device from Connor, and runs off. Connor tells Matt that Patrick's in the building.

Matt comes up and him and Connor go after Patrick. Below, the Herrerasaurus leaps at Becker and bites into his shoulder. Becker tries to shoot it but the theropod manages to snap the barrel off his EMD with its jaws. The creature is able to slash at him with its claws but is then shot by Emily and Danny.

The unconcious dinosaur is dragged back through the, now fading, anomaly which then closes behind it. The team return to the ARC.




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