Primeval Continued plaza
Creatures *Entelodont *Moropus
Setting Plaza
Broadcast 4/1/13
Series 2
Episode 1
Preceded by Episode 1.10
Followed by Episode 2.2

User reviews

Lester: "How could they just leave and expect us to deal with whatever happens by ourselves? They just left without a word!"

Jess: "Lester."' 

Lester: "I cannot accept this! I just can't!"

Danny: "Uh, hello. Lester."

Lester: "This is ridiculous! They just expect us to..."

Jess and Danny: "Lester!" - Danny and Jess try to get Lester's attention as he rambles about Abby and Connor leaving.


A pair of Oligocene mammals enter an anomaly and cause chaos in a plaza.


A man exits a plaza and walks toward his car. On the way he notices a strange glowing and goes investigate it. He finds the anomaly and falls through it. He is in a barren plain. He hears a growl. A powerful arm swats him and he is knocked back through the anomaly. He lands on the cement covered in blood and unconcious.

At the ARC, Lester is rambling to Danny and Jess about how much they've had to do on their own because Abby and Connor are gone. Jess points out that they are on their honeymoon, so it's not like they're just skipping work. Lester walks back to his office muttering insults and goes inside. Just then, the Anomaly detector goes off.

The ARC team find the anomaly. Danny notices a blood stain on the concrete next to the anomaly. Then there is a horse-like whinnie from behind them. They turn around and jump out of the way as a Moropus runs past them toward the anomaly until the anomaly closes. The creature runs through the spot where the anomaly was and down the road. With a loud bellow another huge creature follows. Matt tells Ryan that the creature was an Entelodont. The team follow the creatures.

While following their trail, the team find a dead body killed by the Entelodont. Ryan and Becker fire at it with their EMD's and the creature runs off. They split up: Becker, Ryan, and Emily follow the Moropus; while Matt and Danny follow the Entelodont.

Matt and Danny finally find the Entelodont which attacks them. They shoot at it until the creature crumples to the ground, dead. Meanwhile, Becker, Ryan, and Emily find the startled Moropus running down a road, sliding and smashing into cars. The creature turns around and charges at them. Emily and Becker manage to knock the creature out with their EMD's. 

Back at the ARC, Matt is watching the Moropus in the menagerie. He tells Emily that he is happy that they were able to put it in the menagerie until an anomaly opens to its time opens and they can return it. Emily agrees and says she can't wait to tell Connor and Abby what they missed when they get back.




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