Primeval Continued Apartment Building
Creatures Future Rat
Setting Apartment Building
Broadcast 5/31/13
Series 3
Episode 1
Preceded by Episode 2.6
Followed by Episode 3.2

User reviews

 "There is always something that happens: Helen, Leek, Philip, Patrick. Nothing has, for over a year, not since Patrick died. Don't you find that a little odd?" - Connor to Danny.


A pack of vicious Future Rats terrorize an apartment building and the ARC Team is starting to think it is a little bit too perfect since nobody has tried to take advantage of the anomalies.


In an apartment building, a janitor is cleaning on the 3rd Floor. He spots a light and slowly walks toward it. He discovers an anomaly and reaches out to touch it, he is then attacked by a group of creatures and killed. The creatures flee back through the anomaly.

At the ARC, Connor is telling Danny that he thinks that things have been a little too easy lately. Danny says that he thinks that is a good thing but Connor tells him that there is always something that happens. Before they can finish discussing it the anomaly detector goes off. They head for the anomaly site: an apartment building.

On the way up to the third floor, the power goes out. Connor hears a scuttling of claws on the floor nearby. Danny comes with him to follow the sound while the rest of the ARC team continue to try and find the anomaly. Danny and Connor find a rat and are then attacked by a pack of Future Rats. They manage to fend them off with their EMD's and run back to the anomaly. They are followed by the rats. They just manage to dodge as the rats run straight through the anomaly.

The team are attacked again by more rats which they shoot until they run back through the anomaly. A group of rats kill an ARC soldier. Matt shoots them multiple times to kill them. The remaining rats flee through the anomaly which Connor quickly locks.

Back at the ARC, Matt contemplates over what his alternate self had said. He still wonders why he was told to "go back." Matt decides he should wait a while to tell the ARC about his warning. Unknown to him, Connor overhears what he says and walks away.




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