Primeval Continued Camping Ground
Creatures Titanoboa
Allosaurus (Flashback)
Sid and Nancy
Setting Camping Ground
Broadcast 6/13/13
Series 3
Episode 3
Preceded by Episode 3.2
Followed by Episode 3.4

User reviews

"I'm William Gage. I'm a physicist trying to learn more about the anomalies and why they happen. If you don't mind, could work with you on this? I could study this anomaly and maybe I can figure out something about them," - William Gage asking if he can study the anomaly by the lake.


A Titanoboa comes through an anomaly and causes chaos in a camping ground by a lake. Matt gets a little closer to figuring out who his alternate self is and why he even exists.


A man climbs down a hill to the shore of a lake carrying some fishing equipment. He sits down near the lake a casts the hook of his fishing pole in the water when he sees movement. A large trout bites the line and the man starts to reel in his catch. Then, a much larger shadow, undulating from side to side, appears in the water and something grabs the fish. The man struggles to pull in the trout and he is pulled into the water. For about five minutes he is dragged across the surface of the water, until he finally lets go of the fishing rod. He momentarily slips under the surface and catches a very brief glimpse of a giant snake swimming off into a bright, flickering light.

More to be added soon...




Camping Ground - Palaeocene Anomaly

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