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Melbourne Harbour
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Episode 4 is the fourth episode in Series 1 of A Rip in Time. It will be set at various locations around Port Philip Bay and Melbourne harbour where a massive Kronosaurus attacks


A man starts the engine to his deluxe yacht and starts to head out into Port Philip Bay. He travels for a few minutes before feeling a bump. He looks at his instruments and sees the compass going crazy. He feels another bump and goes up to the top to look around. He sees that he is still on course and begins to descend. At that point a massive set of jaws explode out of the water and engulfe the bow of the yacht. The man screams and runs up the stern and leaps off into the water. When he swims to the surface the yacht is gone. He screams out for help and there is no answer. He begins to scream again but before he can he is pulled under the surface...


Prof. Jake Borelli

Dr. Isabel Thorpe

Matt Blake

Tom (Ferret) Kosov

Kate (Bomber) Brown

Captain Harry Meyer

Jonathon Black

Peter Lyon

Boat Driver

Naval training boat captain



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