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Episode 6 is the sixth episode in Series 1 of A Rip in Time. It centers on Mark Davis's first appearence, Stephan attacking the team and a pack of raptors an industrial area of Melbourne.


The episode begins with the team at the site of an anomaly in an office block in the centre of the city. Matt takes scans and readings of the anomaly while Ferret, Bomber, Isabel and Jake sweep the building checking for signs of an incursion. When nothing is found the team begins to leave. Bomber asks Matt whether or not he'd like to come to the movies with her, but he thinks that she means the whole team, not knowing how she really feels about him. Meanwhile Ferret watches, getting more and more frustrated.

The team drives through the ARC's main gate, unbeknown to them someone is watches from the shadows. He is holding binoculars up to his eyes. When the gates close he lowers them and is revealed to be Stephan Kearney...


Prof. Jake Borelli

Dr. Isabel Thorpe

Matt Blake

Tom (Ferret) Kosov

Kate (Bomber) Brown

Captain Harry Meyer

Jonathon Black

Peter Lyon

Stephan Kearney

Mark Davis



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