Eve S. Ven (PL)
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Biographical information
Profession Researcher


Organisations Arc

Team 1

Height 4 feet 8 inches
Age 12
Hobbies Reading

Video Games

Skills Computers & Technology

Research & Math

Status Alive
Production information
First appearance
Latest appearance

Eve S. Ven is a member of the ARC in Arizona and is their youngest member. She is a genius who suffers from constant nightmares.



Eve has short blond hair that is always kinda messy, with green eyes. She stands at four feet and six inches with a weight around ninety-seven pounds. Her clothes usually consist of a wind breaker, an under shirt, cargo pants, finger less gloves and sneakers. The windbreakers very from long sleeves to no sleeves with any color or symbols on them, the same goes for her under shirt. The cargo pants are usually a brown color with varying items on it like chains, or pockets.


Quiet and usually keeps to herself but as she is a child she still has childlike tendency's. Eve is extremely intelligent for her age as she is in college already. She takes classes ranging from Paleontology to Astrophysics which is why she seems to either always never show for her classes or is always late to them. She is also known to have a habit of running out of paper then writing on walls, tables, floor, etc. Eve is the type to see a button that says don't press and then presses it just to see what happens. She also has nightmares pretty much everyday.


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Eve S. VenEdit


  • Was the first character I made up randomly during the night.

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