No image available
Scientific name None
Home era Far Future
Creature type Future Creature
Deaths caused Unknown
Appearances 2.3, 2.6, 2.7
594px-Episode3.10 10-1-

Evolved Predator

An Evolved Future Predator has been confirmed to appear in Anomalies Incorporated Series 2. They are decended from Future Predators from Primeval.

A concept image has been released .


These Future Predators are low-lying, and have large spikes on their backs. Their tails are muscular and have clubbed ends, and their heads are quite large. The teeth on these creatures are long and sharp, so sharp that they can fell small trees in one bite. Their heads are slightly green. They have the ability to stand on two legs.

They live very far in the Future. Other creatures from this era include Future Tree Creepers, which appeared in Primeval Revived, Future Beasts and many other creatures. They are all extremely intelligent.

In Anomalies IncorporatedEdit

While sending a rover into the future, the team see a predator coming towards it. It follows the rover back through to our time, before accidentally teleporting down to Earth along with the deputy Secret Circle leader, Stephen Morose. It is captured in a music hall before being sent back through (Episode 2.3).

When the rover is put in the Extensive Scanning Machine, the time era starts to be cloned inside the machine. (Episode 2.3).

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