First Person Primeval is a interactive spin off to co-inside with Primeval Revived. It is a follow up to Primeval Evolved. It is created by Primeval13. It follows the new ARC team through Primeval Revived Series 2. It follows you, as a new ARC assistant. It includes the return of the sketchbook, among other things.


After the events of Primeval Evolved, You stumble back through an anomaly in the future, just escaping some Future Predators. You end up at the racetrack, where Becker and Sarah greet you. After informing them about Connor, Abby and Danny, they get you sent back to the ARC to get cleaned up. Upon your arival, Lester tells you that you can keep your job.

Year's later, Abby, Connor and Danny return and you join them hunting anomalies.

The intro episode then skips to the end of series one.


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